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What is our free Blockchain Marketing Suite?

A growing collection of tools to enable NFT-marketing on blockchain.

Our constantly evolving tool set to use the power of NFTs to bring delight to your fans and to increase your reach.
No coding skills needed!

A tool to reward and bond with your community.

Reward your community with exclusive airdrops. Do it with an exciting live draw of winners while you do your live stream.

A tool to increase your marketing reach.

Increase your reach via valuable, targeted NFT drops and use the Power of Blockchain to iterate and boost your reach.

Limitless Marketing Possibilities:

Drop NFTs to Fans as Promotions or Rewards

The first Tool in our Suite: The Community Airdrop

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Airdrop-Example of a promotional NFT-airdrop in cooperation with Blockchain Heroes.

The Power of Community Airdrops

The first tool of our marketing suite allows you to target certain wallets and drop NFTs to them in a lottery-like way. The tool works in such a way that you can use it in live stream to spark excitement and delight!

  • Great and easy to understand user interface with no technical skills required.
  • Target fans or holders of certain NFTs for airdrops.
  • Select one or multiple NFTs you want to airdrop and how many. The tool will then drop the NFTs in a randomized way with a proper drawing animation you can use via live streams.
  • Many modes and variations for conditions and requirements possible.
Why is this Tool Free?

Because we see crypto as a community and want to raise the tide for all boats. We believe that blockchain applications will transform our society and will have a positive influence on many lives. We want to do our part and share our tools with meaningful projects.


Supported Blockchains

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Who can apply?

  • Every legitimate crypto project that puts users first and delivers high quality NFTs can use the marketing suite beta for free.
  • Projects that are committing to never misuse this tool for spamming accounts with unwanted, low quality NFTs.
  • Projects that declare that they will never use this tool to spread offending, illegal / copyright infringing, pornographic or otherwise  inappropriate content.