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The UA Series 1 First Halvening Is Upon Us: Set Your Sights on December 6th, 2020

Welcome all you wonderful and brilliant uplifters.  As the majority of you are already aware, the main mission of Uplift.Art is to change the narrative on aid and create an atmosphere of mutually beneficial creative philanthropy for all involved.  Although we have been at this for quite some time now, it has only been with this latest `I`m Not the Bubble` Series One Drop that we have been able to bring together and synthesize all that we hold near and dear to a new philanthropic funding force we can truly call our own.  

Originally launched on November 15th, 2020, we can honestly say that the `I`m Not the Bubble’ Series and all that it entails, have blown even our expectations out of the water.  In tandem with AtomicHub.io, the creation of not only a new premiered drop mode to entice both collectors and traders to get those packs both flying off the shelves and open, but also a new mechanical model involving a burn to upgrade mechanism to give NFT collecting an overhaul uplift style.  Looking around the space it appears as if we hit the needle on the head as a variety of other projects in the space are beginning to offer similar styles of gamification to their collections.  

But what about Uplift.art and the ending of the sale?  Well, to be quite frank at the backbone of this series was always an earnest wanton to help our partner for this drop event Haitian Roots.  Thus far, Uplift.art with your help, has raised approximately 25,000 dollars for the Haitian Roots fund and we really want to get it to them in time for the Christmas and holiday season.  Of course, just because the sale is over does not mean the fun must end; it will just change to a slightly different variant.  Enter the Uplift.Art Series One Halvening.  

So what exactly is this halvening and how will it affect you?

Well, simply put, to do our part for charity we have halved our sale price of the crates in order to have the most impact for Haitian Roots.  Think of it like a fire sale for charity if you will.  With the funds being sent to Haitian Roots there is no longer a need for discounted prices to raise funds, so the price will revert back to regular.  For those lucky enough to already have the collectibles you want, great.  For those that need a little more time, you have it – till the 6th of December to be precise.  In fact, just cause we think this has a ring to it, we are going to plan a whole secondary event around it, but more on that in a bit.  

Will the sale of Series One crates and #TheMintSprint #Burn2Upgrade mechanics continue after December 6th, 2020?  

Of course we are not going to pull the inventory for those of you that are still searching for those missing pieces to the set or the many that find us later and want to collect and upgrade sets of their own. The Series One halvening will simply double the price point of the charity sale to values to 10 dollars for the small crates and 50 dollars for the big crates.  In a word, on this date the Uplift.Art Series One ecosystem will have its distribution halved.  From there let your imagination run wild and we’re sure you can piece together some pretty sound and logical conclusions of what this means for the greater picture of your ‘I’m Not the Bubble’ Series One collectibles. 

As for the #Burn2Upgrade and #TheMintSprint gamification aspects, these will continue until the predetermined limit is reached.  For more on where we are presently at and the upper limit thresholds, please check the relevant ‘Upgrade’ and ‘Collectors Edition’ sections on here on AtomicHub.io.

Are there any more upgrades or events in the pipeline following the Series One Drop?

Indeed there are.  Uplift.Art has from the beginning planned to do a couple of things with both the Series One Drop Collectors Editions and promotional crates that went out previous to the main event.  

For all those mint sprinters out there, the Collectors Editions that you have acquired through the #Burn2Upgrade mechanics will become the ‘key’ to this event allowing anyone holding these to be eligible not only for future random drops of goodness, but to be utilized as an actual key allowing for an mp3 version of the music to be downloaded and playable from your very own music device.  So not only will you have those beautiful Collectors Editions had you played the game in your authenticated WAX account, but now you will be able to listen to ‘I’m Not the Bubble’ just as you would any other song.  Pretty cool right?  Ya, we thought so too.  And if we might add, we have a feeling this is gonna be legendary for much more than Uplift.art but more on that to come at a later date. 

As for the initial promotional crates, after the round-up of the sale event we will be releasing some details involving these crates and NFT’s and introducing some new aspects regarding these so please do stay tuned to our socials to be sure not to miss any of these details.  

Finally, in commemoration of the UA 12/6 first halvening we will have a secondary event on December 21st, 2020.  For the astrologers among you, you have already likely figured out the significance of this day as being the longest night of the year in the northern hemisphere, otherwise known as the Winter Solstice.  What better way to celebrate together on this iconic day then than the Uplift Moon Day live event and party.  Mark it down on your calendars folks as this is going to be an absolutely epic event where we tap into our roots and do some shocking things around the ‘I’m Not the Bubble’ Series as a whole.  

And just for anyone who might be thinking it stops there, ask anyone who has been around long enough and you’ll know that this is just the beginning from our bag of treats.  But why ruin all the fun now by telling you what we have planned for the day of the sun, when a Moon Day road map reveal is so much more fun!

Haitian Roots Logo

For this Series One Drop Event Uplift.Art is looking to help out the charity Haitian Roots in their quest to feed and educate the less fortunate children in Haiti. For more on Haitian Roots please check out their homepage at haitianroots.com, but in a nutshell Haitian Roots has as their core mission the focus of changing Haiti’s future education.

“Why education? Haiti is the poorest country in the West and it costs about $600/year for a child to attend school. However, the average family of 6 earns less than $500/year. When an individual is illiterate, they do not have the basic skills that a quality education offers and are often condemned to a life of poverty, ill health, and social exclusion. The good news is that education beats poverty. Children who attend school are not only healthier, better-nourished, and live more prosperous lives, but they become aware of their own potential in the world and are equipped with the life skills necessary to thrive in society.”

To learn more about this initiative please check out the following:

To learn more about how Uplift.Art’s ‘I’m Not the Bubble’ Series One Drop works under the hood, check out #TheMintSprint: UpliftArt NFT ‘I’m Not the Bubble’ Series One Drop Mechanics

For a sneak peak into one of six variants of the complete ‘I’m Not the Bubble’ full music video contained within the Collectors Editions, have a gander at I’m Not The Bubble V2 Extended #Bitcoin Anthem: A Special Edition Music Video on the Blockchain from UpliftArt

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Uplift.Art is creating a first of its kind triple-win situations for charitable projects, art collectors and artists. We use the power of blockchain to bring unique and verified genuine art of top artists to the blockchain. Art collectors can invest in a great portfolio and see it rise in value while having fun. Artists receive a fair share of profits and get in front of a whole new audience of art investors while aiding and supporting meaningful charity organizations and projects. Charitable and meaningful projects get the funds they need to use in operating and gaining visibility from a segment of individuals who bought this arts and are interested in charity. Learn more about this unique project.

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