Terms of Use for Uplift.Art NFTs

Version 1.0 –  09.24.2020
Uplift.Art a LGND.art company12600 HILL COUNTRY BLVD STE R-275, BEE CAVE , TX, 78738-6768, United States of America

The ownership of this digital asset NFT gives the owner the right to:

  • view
  • store
  • exchange
  • sell
  • and display the NFT publicly but does not allow or imply commercial use.

The ownership of this digital asset NFT does also not imply intellectual property on the brand, design, music, video, art or other media displayed in this NFT. 

The intellectual property rights are owned by Uplift.Art respectively the contributing artist.

  • Uplift.Art guarantees the rarity for any NFT asset with a fixed number of pieces / packs or their promised probability to be minted according to their designated rarity ( In case the assets are not pre-minted.

Thank you for collecting and contributing to the Uplift.Art ecosystem. We appreciate having you in our community of collectors and digital philanthropists!

Your Uplift.Art Team