Creative Philanthropy

Collect and trade verified digital rarities and build a transparent charitable paradigm in one click.

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Limited Collection of NFTs

All Profits Go to Blockchain Charity

An ever growing collection of original music and art that harnesses blockchain technology to ensure authenticity and rarity, all the while giving artists and collectors alike a creative philanthropic opportunity to help build a transparent charitable paradigm.

Event One is officially over!
Thank you and stay tuned for the next event


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Limited Variation: MBB Vb

Could only be bought during "Event One"

Rare: MBB Remix

Limited to 18 pieces

Special Edition: MBB Gold

Limited to 6 pieces

My Bitcoin Bull V

Limited to 1 piece
Uplift.Art and Friends

Limited Special Edition Cards

"The Uplifter" joins forces with Blockchain Heroes

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About this card

You can be a hero in many ways. One way is to be a blockchain hero, collect and trade verified digital rarities and build a transparent charitable paradigm. Uplift.Art has teamed up with the iconic Blockchain Hero trading cards (https://bcheroes.com/) to bring you this ultra rare special edition card that also includes a music video as another first in blockchain collectable history! 

How limited is this card?

These ultra rare cards are limited to 12 in total of which 9 will be available during the Event One.

Who to got them?

9 lucky winners of these bad boys that were drawn randomly within all participating wallets on Event One.

How Does Uplift.Art and the Auction Work?

Everything for charity

Everything that is contributed to our auctions goes directly and transparently into blockchain charity. More...

Verified & transparent

Everything is visible and secured in the blockchain. No artwork can be duplicated once the guaranteed maximum amount has been reached.

Selected artists

We select the artists for our series carefully in order to ensure a match with our values as well as high profile quality art for or NFTs.

How much does it cost?

Pay what you want in WAXP for ‘My Bitcoin Bull Vb’. Every new bid has a minimum 30 WAXP to prevent manipulation. 

How can I pay?

You can pay with WAXP Tokens (WAX - World Wide Asset Exchange). FIAT or other crypto-currencies are not supported yet.

Can I place multiple bids? 

You can place as many bids as you like to increase your total daily or 72h overall bid and climb up the leader boards.

Do I have true ownership?

Yes, the item will be transferred to your free WAX account and you enjoy full ownership. You will also be able to trade your item.


The Blockchain Charity DAO behind Uplift.Art

Imagine living in a world where your charitable contributions are accounted for and you can see exactly where your money went.

Thank you for playing! Your hard-earned WAX will be going to UpliftNation.io to build the rails to a transparent charitable paradigm.