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Let's build a school in Haiti!

12 Micro Events | 2 hours each 

Spread love, collect, help to build a school in Haiti! ❤️

What to do?

Take action and join #themintsprint!

Combine all 12 different fragments to a mint on demand united song on the blockchain. The fragments will be burned in the process.

Top up your current purchase to be eligible for the ultra-rare collectibles. The top 1 and top 21 payers will get ultra-rare specials.

You have the united fragments, a special edition or a one on one? Use them as a key!

Need specific fragments?
Buy or sell them at the secondary market for WAXP.

This is what you can get

The most important thing first: We will reinvest a huge part of your purchases to build a school in Haiti! Have a look

Fragments of Love NFT

The 12 Song Fragments: Keep one, share one, Unite One!

Collect all 12 song fragments to create the “Fragments Of Love United mp3 Key”. You have the chance to win the #1 to #3 of a fragment after every micro event you participated in.  (60 WAX minimum)
All following mints starting at #4 will be minted on demand. Get your wallet ready for #TheMintSprint !

Fragments Of Love United mp3 Key

Combine all 12 different fragments for this poem on blockchain that is also a download key. This asset will be minted on demand. You need to be quick to get the first mints! The  #TheMintSprint is on!

Fragments of Love United NFT
The greatest Love Story NFT

The Greatest Love Story

This combines the 3 assets into the full love story journey and goes to the top 21 highest payers over the 24-hour event and is also a mp3 download key as well. The mints are given out in the order of the final ranking.

Ti Amo -  one of one

This one of one original love poem written and performed by Francesca Blu goes to the highest payer of the event and will certainly inspire an epic romance for the holder of this one of a kind jewel.

Ti Amo NFT
Kingdom of Love NFT

Kingdom Of Love NFT Land Key

This Key also goes to the highest payer:
We are working on something huge, never seen in the WAX- and or Cryptoverse… The owner of this key will be in the exclusive club of the first alpha testers who have NFT enabled building rights for the "Kingdom Of Love Monument #1" in “The Uplift” open world. This is history in the making!

Ti Amo -  Participation Medal

This collectible will be dropped exclusively to everyone who participated in the primary sale of this event. This kind of medals might become important in the future - watch out!

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The Story

In this first #collectibleLove series by Uplift.Art, Michael expresses his deep love for his wife Francesca of 20 years through music, song and poetry. Their love story is unique and colorful and is felt  in every spoken word and every beat of the drum. Michael states in the Special Edition, “You have  brought so much to me in these 20 years, that I wanted you to live forever.” what Michael means by "live forever" is that by capturing her passion through poetry and then putting that on the Blockchain, she will live, touch and inspire, forever. Uplift.Art

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Everything you need to know:

#TheMintSprint is on again!

You will help to build a school in Haiti! 🙌❤️🙌 

The event will consist of 12 epic poem fragments that will be purchasable every 2 hours. The minimum price is 60 WAXP. But you can pay as much as you want to help to build the school! 

You will be able to buy missing ones on the secondary market for sure.

Assemble the full Fragments Of Love United NFT by burning all 12 fragments. 🔥 This video on blockchain will also work as a key to download an MP3 file of it as long as you hold the NFT.

Everything will be minted on demand! Be quick to get the first mints.

The 3 highest payers in any of the 12 events will be rewarded with an ultra-rare 1 of 21 The Greatest Love Story "Marry Me Girl" song edition.

The highest overall payer in the 24-hour event will be rewarded with the ultra-rare Ti Amo One of One Edition, unique "THE UPLIFT" Land Key and the mint #1 of the Special Edition Remix.

Payments for this event are in WAXP only.
Learn how to participate:

How to participate?

Never heard of WAX? No Problem!

WAX is an easy-to-use cryptocurrency that is the solution for digital collectibles and art on blockchain. Always available, secure, guaranteed genuine & verified.

Just sett up a free WAX Cloud Wallet [CLICK HERE] to log into this sale. You can only pay in WAX for this event. Just smash the “buy button” in your new WAX Cloud Wallet and buy your WAX easy and securely via Credit Card.

How to play

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