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Ti Amo - Community Edition

In anticipation of the Ti Amo event

This limited edition has been created as an exclusive tribute to the people who make Uplift.Art possible — our community. Your support and commitment means everything for every single charitable project that counts on Uplift.Art to make a difference. Thank you!

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300 Crates in total

3 Items of random rarity per Crate

Tiamo Community Crates - Win

How to become part of our community and get the chance to get your hands on awesome art like this?

These rare crates are not for sale at the first market but awarded for community participation or promotional reasons:  

Art and Meaning

These 2 complementary concepts are the most important factors for the long-term success of an art legacy.

Uplift.Art Triple Win
  • Meaning: Good art presented to the right audience generates money. However, money is just a byproduct. Art is about meaning on many levels. An important factor we add onto every series is the upliftment of a charitable project to spark inspiration and make the world a bit better.
  • The Collector: Tokenized art will disrupt the whole art industry as well as the way art is collected. We use all the possibilities of blockchain technology not just to help you to build a fine art portfolio but also to help you create meaning and support artists with every purchase as Uplift.Art does the work for you.
  • The Artist: Creators are the reason art exists yet they often struggle endlessly to get their art to the right audience. Only when that happens are they able to make a living from their work. We bridge the gap by bringing artists to the right audience and ensuring they get a fair share without stress.

Let's build a school in Haiti in 2021!

Yes, our new project is nothing less than a new school. All through the power of Crypto and our "Uplifters"!

Our Goal $450K

We will give 50% of Uplift.Arts revenue directly into our funding goal to help haitianroots.com [ View WAX Wallet ] to build a new school in 2021 for children who would not be able to afford education otherwise.


We believe in a triple win for everyone who participates. 25% of the revenue goes directly to the artists who provided the art for your collection. A very fair compensation also helps us to onboard top artists for the best collections.


25% goes to Uplift.Art on its mission to disrupt the blockchain industry with new ways of bringing digital collectibles to a new level. Our goal is to lead the way to a broad adoption of NFTs in the art sector far beyond what has been considered so far in the crypto space.

  • Is Uplift.Art transparent? Yes, we use the power of blockchain to ensure a transparent triple win situation. We collect WAXP during the sale. The part we want to give to haitianroots.com goes directly into their WAX wallet. The same is true for our featured artist. We will also keep you updated about what kind of meaning you have created through this events funding goal over the time.
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