Rare Key: Mr Spaceman — December Edition Burn Event!

Burn here as long as the event is running.

Use your Key NFT to claim your MP3 here:

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Unpack packs and crates!
#TheMintSprint: Be first to get the valuable low mint numbers. Every collectible is minted on demand - so are the mint numbers.
Burn: Destroy certain collectibles in order to get other ones.
"Art Keys". These collectibles unlock downloads and rewards.
Spaceman MP3 Key Instruction 2020


This is a limited artwork that you can get via a burning event, an exclusive tribute to the people who make Uplift.Art possible — our community. Your support and motivation mean everything. You support meaningful projects, artists, and our team in innovating and building the future. Thank you! This piece of art is original, ensured by the blockchain, and cannot be duplicated or altered. You can look up its history on the blockchain. If you want to know more about art on the blockchain or want to get community drops yourself, visit Uplift.Art to learn more and make a difference.

Spaceman MP3 Key Instruction 2020
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