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About the upcoming:

The MintSprint is on again!

You will help to build a school in Haiti! 🙌❤️🙌 

The event will consist of 12 Mr. Spaceman song fragments that will be purchasable every 2 hours. The minimum price is 60 WAXP.
But you can pay as much as you want to help to build the school!

You will be able to buy missing ones on the secondary market for sure.

Assemble the full Mr. Spaceman NFT by burning all 12 fragments. 🔥 This song on blockchain will also work as a key to download an MP3 file of it as long as you hold the NFT.

Everything will be minted on demand! Be quick to get the first mints.

The 3 highest payers in any of the 12 events will be rewarded with an ultra-rare 1 of 21 Mr. Spaceman song edition.

The highest overall payer in the 24-hour event will be rewarded with the ultra-rare 1 of 1 edition.

Payments for this event are in WAXP only.

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