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Make this Christmas awesome for children in Haiti.

Series 1 Drop 6 Assets

Limited to: 5000

Paid in WAXP

Series 1 Drop 20 Assets

Limited to: 3500

This Crate offers a higher chance for rare items of value
Paid in WAXP

How to unbox, claim and burn for rare items & low mints:

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Uplift.Art Series One

7 reasons why you can't afford to miss this opportunity:

Uplift.Art does so many firsts in the space, it's hard to keep up!

All collectibles are pre-minted! You have a chance to get the lowest mints even from the last crate.

TheMintSprint: You need to be first for the best mints of ultra-valuable Collectors Edition items.

Burn 10 cards of the many rarity levels for a higher tier item and the chance for special cards. 50% of the total collectibles are likely to be burned!

A portion of the drops you buy goes into the funding of an urgent charitable project.

NFT Staking: Holding the rarest "Collectors Edition" Items of this series makes you eligible for top of the line airdrops. Additional staking rewards will be revealed. 

We bring top artists to Upift.Art while applying additional deflation mechanisms to elevate the market value of your Uplift.Art portfolio.

Uplift.Art is supported by ...

How to participate?


Be ready on the 15th of November 12:00 EST! Visit this page or and make sure you have enough WAXP. It’s the only currency for the purchase of the drop for this series.

  • Create a free WAX wallet in 6 seconds: Go to and register via email or social media handle.
  • Buy WAX: The easiest way to buy WAX via crypto or credit card is to use the methods as directed in the You can also purchase WAX on different exchanges using other cryptocurrencies.
  • Store and trade your art: Your art is conveniently stored inside the You can trade your assets on every secondary market that supports the Atomic Assets Standard for WAX. We suggest

The Drop

Pre-minted: You have the chance to draw low mint numbers even a year from now. There are other reasons you need to be fast... 

Series 1 Drop 6 Assets

Total Items: 5000

Price: $10 in WAXP

Series 1 Drop 20 Assets

Total Items: 3500

Price: $50 in WAXP

Fewer collectibles but higher chances for rares


On the mission of create fun and scarcity for the series that will become the cornerstone of your new art portfolio.

TheMintSprint Uplift.Art Explained

Collector Edition

The crown jewels. You have to be fast and decisive to get the lowest mints and highest tiers of these. The rewards will be airdrops and more... 

Uplift.Art Series One

Minted on the fly: First comes, first served.

You have to be quick to get the first mints. Even though most items are pre-minted to give everyone a fair chance, this is not true for the crown jewel of this series, #TheMintSprint

Everyone who holds an item of the Collectors Collection gets valuable continuous airdrops as long as they hold this asset in their wallet.

The airdrops may vary according to the rarity or mint of your Collectors Edition.

Extremely rare

The only way to get one of this is by burning a whole set of items (25 unique items) of a given rarity.
This makes special Collectors Editions created out of rare sets extremely scarce.


Learn more about the collectibles in series one and how to get them.

Collector Items

Level Common: Elegant, timeless art in black and white.

Different variants: 25

Level Uncommon: Like common but harder to get and in vibrant joyful colors.

Different variants: 25


Level Rare: A middle ground between common and highly exclusive, just ideal to trade, burn or collect them.

Different variants: 25

Level Epic: You are lucky if you find one of these in a drop. You will have a hard time thinking about if you should keep or burn it...

Different variants: 25


Level Legendary: These art collectibles are the rarest items you can get by a tiny chance if you open a crate. Your chance is higher if you open a drop with 20 items. Legendary collectibles contain videos!

Different variants: 25

Level Mythic: The most valuable and rarest of all sets. It is so rare that you can't get it through the opening of a crate but through specific actions.

Different variants: 25

Can only be obtained at a slim chance through burning of 10 items.
The item will be pre-minted, meaning everyone stands a chance to get the low mints, even if they were not the first to burn.

Collectors Edition

Collectors Edition: The crown jewel of any collection. So scarce that the highest tiers may be never minted!

Different variants: 5 - one for each rarity level

The only way to get one of these is through burning a whole set of Items (25 unique items) of the given rarity.

Makes the holder eligible for airdrops of valuable art, as long as he holds it. The kind of airdrops might depend on the mint number and set rarity of your collectors edition. More to come.

Not pre-minted. The one who burns first get the best mint first.

Building a Legacy

We cannot promise that your Uplift.Art portfolio will rise in value. What we can promise you is that we’ll work hard to create value, scarcity and we'll keep adding top artists to the collection legacy every day.

My Bitcoin Bull VB

Our goal is to create an ever growing art collection with many incentives, fun and sustainable value propositions.

Art and Meaning

These 2 complementary concepts are the most important factors for the long-term success of an art legacy.

Uplift.Art Triple Win
  • Meaning: Good art presented to the right audience generates money. However, money is just a byproduct. Art is about meaning on many levels. An important factor we add onto every series is the upliftment of a charitable project to spark inspiration and make the world a bit better.
  • The Collector: Tokenized art will disrupt the whole art industry as well as the way art is collected. We use all the possibilities of blockchain technology not just to help you to build a fine art portfolio but also to help you create meaning and support artists with every purchase as Uplift.Art does the work for you.
  • The Artist: Creators are the reason art exists yet they often struggle endlessly to get their art to the right audience. Only when that happens are they able to make a living from their work. We bridge the gap by bringing artists to the right audience and ensuring they get a fair share without stress.

What This Series Means

This series means a lot for children in Haiti: Every purchase you make will provide badly needed food and education for the poorest:

Our Goal $50K

We will give 50% of Uplift.Arts revenue directly into our funding goal to help [ View WAX Wallet ] to provide food and education for children in desperate need. Learn more in the "About" section to stay updated as regards what meaning is created.


We believe in a triple win for everyone who participates. 25% of the revenue goes directly to the artists who provided the art for your collection. A very fair compensation also helps us to onboard top artists for the best collections. The compensation for this series goes to Corey CottrellView WAX Wallet ].


25% goes to Uplift.Art on its mission to disrupt the blockchain industry with new ways of bringing digital collectibles to a new level. Our goal is to lead the way to a broad adoption of NFTs in the art sector far beyond what has been considered so far in the crypto space.

  • Is Uplift.Art transparent? Yes, we use the power of blockchain to ensure a transparent triple win situation. We collect WAXP during the sale. The part we want to give to goes directly into their WAX wallet. The same is true for our featured artist. We will also keep you updated about what kind of meaning you have created through this events funding goal over the time.
Your Uplift.Art Team
Uplift.Art Series One

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Series 1 Drop 6 Assets
Series 1 Drop 20 Assets

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