The Wizard's Gift

Wizards Gift Mp3

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mBlu created this Special Edition "The Wizard's Gift" as a gift to BitcoinBluesBrother, his daughter and the top 18 Uplifters.

This is a gift of gratitude for his inspirational leadership in running community driven auctions to help reach our goal of raising enough funds to build Haitian Rots 3rd school in Haiti 2021.

This piece is directly inspired by as well by The Blue Wizard's involvement in the NFT crypto space and how he has given many people a gift of hope and reward through his purchase of their assets either for sale or auctioned off on the Atomic Hub.

This conversation tells of a time where The Blue Wizard bought a BitcoinBluesBrothers NFT for a meaningful amount and changed his life forever. A win win win economy has emerged and this is a tribute and a thank you to BitcoinBluesBrother and The Blue Wizard. The Wizard's Gift will keep on giving as these 21 NFT's circulate throughout time. Much gratitude, mBlu