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Meet the first ever digitalized vinyl NFTs on the Blockchain

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A Digital Revolution

Digital Vinyl transformation to NFT

Digital Vinyl is a never before seen collecting experience, introducing various new revenue streams and applications.

Create a never seen before experience for collectors of legendary music!

Digital Vinyl NFTs allow you to combine the best of all worlds. Combine different songs to whole albums. Upgrade standard editions to rare limited, or legendary signed collector’s editions.

Infinite possibilities to upgrade albums to an active and vivid collecting ecosystem.

Your imagination is your limit! Digital Vinyls can become digital tickets that make you eligible for exclusive sales, rewards, free access to concerts or backstage events! How about collecting rewards for holding a Digital Vinyl or to share and lend the ownership of your rarest limited editions?

Transparent, genuine and fair.

Genuine and on the blockchain for eternity. Collectors can be 100% sure that their Digital Vinyls are originals. There is also an absolute certainty about how many pieces are in existence and even which mint number you have. 

Transfer, buy, or sell Digital Vinyls in an instant on the secondary market.

Artists and record labels can set a percentual share of every sale revenue that will go back to them. This means you get paid a fair share every time an item is sold on the secondary market!

Be one of the first while a technology as powerful as the invention of the internet unfolds and reaches mass adoption.

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Digital Vinyl on the Blockchain

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