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Uplift.Art β€” Creative Philanthropy

Uplift Art is a division of Uplift Nation a US based non-profit which operates as a DAC and finances it’s operation by creating and selling digital art (NFTs) through which enables them to direct 100% of future donations directly to the cause.

Uplift.Art Media

What is going on right now?

Mention the two campaigns below. 

They will be running in different intervals until the Main release on Nov 15th.

Ongoing Telegram Campaign

Join and participate in active discussions and activities for a chance of being awarded with crates.

Ongoing Twitter Campaign

Tag @upliftart and use
#TheMintSprint for a chance of being awarded with crates.

The Community Drop
The crates can only be earned or given. Participating in activities on Telegram and Twitter will likely increase your chances of being awarded with crates. 

Mintage: Pre-minted β€” Randomized from a pool
All opened crates have an equal chance of getting low mint NFTs.

Why we use WAX: Leading blockchain for collectibles, no transaction fees, almost instant transactions. Strong secondary marketplaces and volume, new account and wallet creation within 30 seconds. 

Community Edition Series One


Collectibles Included


Community crate

3 NFTs 

Community Pack 3

Supporter crate

6 NFTs 

Supporter Pack 6

The Upcoming sale - Main Release

The crates will be sold through and Keep up to speed with Telegram and Twitter for fresh information. Crate supply can be subject to change before release. 50% of sales is going to, 50% to finance UA and the artists.

The "Why" behind Uplift.Art β€” Short Teaser

Full video with all details

Launch: November 15th 2020




5000 Small Crates

6 NFTs


3500 Large Crates

 20 NFTs


The Mint Sprint - #TheMintSprint


This Starts as soon as Crates have been opened on November 15th.

The first to Burn 1 of each NFT of one rarity will receive the #1 mint Collectors edition of that rarity. E.g. Plus an ability to upgrade.
Burn 1 of each version of common to get a common Collectors edition.
Burn 10 random Common to get 1 Uncommon etc. + Chance of preminted mythic.

Every Collctors Edidion grants benefits far beyond the sale in the form of airdrops and other surprises for holders that will be revealed over time.