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About custom Uplift.Art Auctions

What you need to know

What are uplift.Art Auctions?

Uplift.Art auctions are conducted by kind individuals who are not associated to Uplift.Art. They just want to create an auction e.g. for a valuable digital collectible and guarantee that they will give a certain amount of the earnings to charity. They can do so by sending it to our donations account, and we will make sure to pass the funds to the charity projects we are supporting transparently.

What are the requirements?

  • Be nice and responsible! The auction is not allowed to be fraudulent or to have anything connected to it that blames or insults groups or individuals or is in any other aspect not inappropriate and not conform with our values.
  • The Auction must be conducted on the WAX or EOS blockchain.
  • If you started your auction by claiming to potential participates that percentage X will be donated to an Uplift.Art project, you are responsible to do what you said after your auction is over, of course.
  • Be fair and honest! Do not use our name or pretend you will make a defined donation to Uplift.Art  if you will not live up to your promise.

Burn 10 cards of the many rarity levels for a higher tier item and the chance for special cards. 50% of the total collectibles are likely to be burned!

To What account should you transfer the WAX you collected for charity?

Please transfer the WAX to our official account:

Avoid sending your donations to our other official WAX accounts, like the ones we use for creating our collections with, to avoid confusion.

When should you transfer it?

It would be optimal to transfer the amount of WAX you promised to donate right or soon after your auction has ended, to make the process as transparent  as possible.

How do we use your donation?

We do not have the feature to select specific charity projects to support with your auction - yet. This means the collected funds are used to support our current main charity project like building an entire school for poor kids in Haiti conducted by our partner project haitianroots, at the time of writing this text.
90% of the total amount you donate goes directly to charity. 10% of the funds are used to keep up our operations, to innovate, create open community tools and make Uplift.Art an even more powerful way to support charitable projects.

How to control what we are doing and how to keep your community informed?

You can check up our https://uplift.art/supported-projects/ section or social media. We are giving updates about what is going on with the projects on a regular basis. This page does also contain everything you need to drill down or even contact the charitable organizations directly, should you feel the need.
Since we are operating on blockchain and every charity project we support needs to have its own WAX wallet, you can also look up every transfer down to the cent using WAX chain explorers.