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Uplift.Art  creates an ever growing collection of original music and art that harnesses blockchain technology to ensure authenticity and rarity, all the while giving artists and collectors alike a creative philanthropic opportunity to help build a transparent charitable paradigm.

Every series consits of their distinct pieces of art which are exclusively minted during the short time of a particular auction. These NFTs will never be available again. Every bidder who wins one of these limited rarities created by an selected artist enjoys full ownership as if he had bought a rare painting. This means holders of the art are also free to sell them on every secondary market.

Artists by Uplift.Art Collectable Series


Uplift.Art Special Edition Collectables Blockchain

mBlu - Michael Blu

Unique unto his own, mBlu’s experimental, free and poetic nature reflects his true gift to communicate and express himself through music and visual art. As I dive deeper into his inspiring melodies and feel-good imagery, I can't but help to notice the positive messages and genuine emotions in which he produces… Sound-insight on self-development, self-appreciation and philosophical quandaries; enough to where I even question the meaning of my own life.

Michael Blu

While mBlu feels personally aligned in spirit with the awakening consciousness unifying us all, his approach to music and art is to produce pieces that carry an intention to spark a wave of inspiration for the listener or observer. A spark that will grow to become a raging inferno of passion and authentic creation within their own lives. This stance alone, sets mBlu apart from the fray and he cannot be compared to any other artist’s style, sound or genre.

His way of being in this World, resonates with the honesty of an artist truly unafraid to share his depth, leaving you feeling like you’ve known him somehow forever. With the comfortable & warm music and his deep visual works, a return to innocence and joy is what is attained after giving ones attention over to his uncommon expression. 

You can listen to his songs on: https://emanate.live/mblu


Michael is an entrepreneur, writer, producer and crypto blockchain vlogger.  He’s had 20+ years experience in sales, marketing & precious metals. Founded a national Gold & Silver brokerage in 2003 which he sold in 2011. Full time artist, musician and philanthropist. 

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