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About Art Keys and how do they work?

What you need to know

Art Keys = Digital Asset (NFT) that makes you eligible for a specific Download

Get one of our digital collectible, that is also a key. You normally will see the word "Key" in the name. There are also collectibles that got the feature to enable downloads later on, so having a "Key" in the name is an indicator, but not mandatory. You can just try out, if you already have keys in your wallet by following this instruction.

Art Key

Put the Asset into your WAX Cloud Wallet

You must have the digital collectible you want to use as a key in your WAX wallet while you sign in to our Art Keys download page. Get your free WAX Cloud Wallet here.

Go to the Uplift.Art Keys Website

Visit https://uplift.art/claim/ to use your keys and download the associated rewards.

Login with your Wax Wallet

You will be asked to sign in with your WAX wallet. Sign in. Make sure you use the WAX wallet that holds your keys.

All Downloads you have eligible keys for will be automatically enabled

You will see all downloads that have been unlocked by the keys in your WAX wallet instantly.

Download all the files you want

Download all files you want! Have fun!

How long will a Key work?

Official Uplift.Art Keys will enable you to download the associated files as long and as often you want! Unless the specific instruction or event for a key says otherwise.