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Instruction - Possible with this drop:

I’m Not the Bubble – Main Series One

Unpack packs and crates!
#TheMintSprint: Be first to get the valuable low mint numbers. Every collectible is minted on demand - so are the mint numbers.
Burn: Destroy certain collectibles in order to get other ones.
Random chance for ultra-rare collectibles in some processes.
Series 1 Drop 6 Assets
Series 1 Drop 20 Assets


TheMintSprint Uplift.Art Explained

Collector Edition

Uplift.Art Series One

Minted on the fly: First comes, first served.

You have to be quick to get the first mints. Even though most items are pre-minted to give everyone a fair chance, this is not true for the crown jewel of this series, #TheMintSprint

Everyone who holds an item of the Collectors Collection gets valuable continuous airdrops as long as they hold this asset in their wallet.

The airdrops may vary according to the rarity or mint of your Collectors Edition.

Extremely rare

The only way to get one of this is by burning a whole set of items (25 unique items) of a given rarity.
This makes special Collectors Editions created out of rare sets extremely scarce.

Collectors Edition

Different variants: 5 - one for each rarity level

The only way to get one of these is through burning a whole set of Items (25 unique items) of the given rarity.

Makes the holder eligible for airdrops of valuable art, as long as he holds it. The kind of airdrops might depend on the mint number and set rarity of your collectors edition. More to come.

Not pre-minted. The one who burns first get the best mint first.

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