The Art of Uplifting

Uplift.Art : Blockchain certified art that enables philanthropy creating win-win-win scenarios. With us, your art becomes a tangible medium bringing goodwill, nourishment and happiness to under-privileged kids. 

You win. They win. We win. Together, creating a better world through creative inspiration - a philosophy is deeply embedded in everything we do. 




Guided by grace

Meaningful Purpose

Michael Blu and his wife, Francesca, visited Haiti 10 years after an earthquake & ensuing tsunami left the country devastated. What they witnessed shocked them. Despite the massive amount of aid that was earmarked for disaster relief, conditions remained heartbreakingly desperate. It was profoundly sad.  

The awareness that much of the monies donated to aid and charitable causes never actually reach the people most affected, sparked Michael and Francesca into innovating a new paradigm in fundraising. Leveraging the immutable nature of the blockchain, they set up the mechanisms that would form the substratum of the win-win-win - marrying business with philanthropy in a way that ensured transparency and accountability.

Over $1 million dollars has thus far been raised through our concept of art engendering philanthropy, with 2 schools being built in Haiti and a third on the way. 

We're proud to be at the forefront of this new way to transparency and efficacy in fundraising. And we're equally humbled to serve as the gateway for other philanthropic-oriented organizations and initiatives.

Grounded in gratitude

Art for Philanthropy

A Group of Great People

We're a diverse group of fun-loving people dedicated to the win-win-win ecosystem in everything we do and create. A tight-knit ensemble where random acts of kindness abound, even as we work remotely. Each day brings funny moments and meaningful interactions in our online work channels; from original prank memes and gifs to "morning uplifts" rife with the sound of birds chirping in the sky. At the crux of it all is a dynamic team of professionals who have a deep respect for one another's superpowers and genius.

Oh, and it sure does help that the Big Guy jives to the groove alongside the rest of us!

Michael Blu

Founder & CEO

Around here, he is mBlu - a modern-day visionary who exudes kindness and gratitude. He is the creator of the win-win-win economy that forms the substratum of Uplift Art. Michael infuses the entire team with his mastery in the "art of uplifting".   

A gifted musician, writer, producer, artist and businessman who started out in the US marines and iterated through to buildling a successful national Gold & Silver brokerage. Michael is a strategic powerhouse whose ideas have revolutionized the way art is presented and disseminated in the digital arena.

He is a blockchain trailblazer, having minted the 1st full-length music video NFT, the 1st ever short story NFT, and most recently the now trademarked #digitalvinyl.


Content Marketing & PR

7Jimmy D! Our resident word-wizard and YouTube personality. Jimmy is a content marketer possessing the  unique ability to weave engaging stories across a wide variety of platforms.

His way of perceiving and disseminating information is unequalled; he is extremely well-read, perceptive and always brings a fresh angle to the subject matters he tackles. 

Jimmy is also an accredited Teacher.


Marketing & NFT tech

The man is so versatile and savvy it's scary! Dennis has more than 15 years experience with start-up companies. His knowledge and expertise truly runs the gamut - from graphic design to the technology behind NFT creation, and pretty much everything in-between. 

He is a "get things done person" who wears many hats and is the hub of the team. His brilliance shines through whenever he works on wax NFT minting projects. His versatility is invaluable and appreciated by everyone.

Dennis is full of smart ideas and well thought-out ways to optimize processes and eliminate bottlenecks.

He is an avid NFT collector and also enjoys planning & building UX and websites.


Software Engineer

A veritable wizard at Backend development projects, particularly those related to blockchain technology, Seth's specialty lies in creating applications and implementing accelerators and assets.

Seth is one of the programming masterminds behind the tools & features Uplift.Art offers. His primary focus is on blockchain, security, and  mechanisms. 


Software Engineer

Extraordinarily talented frontend UI, UX developer, Flo is a whiz at coding and solving complex programming needs and establishing best practices. He specializes in the mechanics of NFT creation and prides himself on staying ahead of the technology curve.

Flo bringing innovative solutions that are eloquent, secure, scalable, and robust. He is an ardent proponent of DACs (Decentralized Autonomous Communities) as a means for operational self-governance.

Flo is integral to the uplift.art development team and focuses much of his time on projects related to blockchain integrations, ease of use, & dApps.


Software Engineer

Jona is a highly-respected blockchain smart contract developer. He is a renown expert and the brains behind the entire minting and burning process of the wax.io NFT blockchain technology. 

Co-founder of Munich-based company pink.network, Jona is uplift.art's trusted blockchain advisor.

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