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Uplift.Art is creating a first of its kind triple-win situations for charitable projects, art collectors and artists. We use the power of blockchain to bring unique and verified genuine art of top artists to the blockchain. Art collectors can invest in a great portfolio and see it rise in value while having fun. Artists receive a fair share of profits and get in front of a whole new audience of art investors while aiding and supporting meaningful charity organizations and projects. Charitable and meaningful projects get the funds they need to use in operating and gaining visibility from a segment of individuals who bought this arts and are interested in charity.

Michael Blu
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The Team

About the team that turns the idea of Uplift.Art into reality

Michael Blu

1st #NFT Music Video and 1st Short Film #NFT - My #Bitcoin Bull - on #Blockchain.
He is an entrepreneur, writer, producer and crypto blockchain vlogger.  He’s had 20+ years experience in sales, marketing & precious metals. Founded a national Gold & Silver brokerage in 2003 which he sold in 2011. Full time artist, musician and philanthropist.
You can listen to his songs on: https://emanate.live/mblu

Michael Blu

Founder Uplift.Art & Uplift nation

Dennis Singh Team

Dennis is working in the startup sector for about 15 years. His focus is supporting Michael in realizing his vision, creating or managing digital products in the realm of tech and design. His focus is NFT-mechanics,  MVPs and building great digital products.

He also loves to plan & build UX, websites and designs for Uplift.Art.


NFT & Digital Product expert

No Picture

What would the best project do if no one knew about it. Jimmy knows how to convert our ideas and calling into engaging articles and updates and brings the message out into the world.  


Wording Wizard

No Picture

One of the masterminds behind our features at Uplift.Art and App. No Blockchain Project without the Backend that makes it work. There is nothing that can't be done or improved.   



Team Member Flo

Software Engineer with a deep passion for frontend development, UI, UX.
Profoundly intrigued by the general idea of using DACs as a means to achieve self-organized operation and management.

Currently working on projects that try to help making interaction with dApps more approachable for the average joe.


Software Engineer

Jona Team

Jona is a co-founder of Munich-based company pink.network. He is an experienced smart contract developer and built the AtomicAssets NFT standard. His role in uplift.art is advising the project and building the smart contracts needed to make it come to life on the blockchain.


Pink.Network & Atomic Assets

Art and Meaning

These 2 complementary concepts are the most important factors for the long-term success of an art legacy.

Uplift.Art Triple Win
  • Meaning: Good art presented to the right audience generates money. However, money is just a byproduct. Art is about meaning on many levels. An important factor we add onto every series is the upliftment of a charitable project to spark inspiration and make the world a bit better.
  • The Collector: Tokenized art will disrupt the whole art industry as well as the way art is collected. We use all the possibilities of blockchain technology not just to help you to build a fine art portfolio but also to help you create meaning and support artists with every purchase as Uplift.Art does the work for you.
  • The Artist: Creators are the reason art exists yet they often struggle endlessly to get their art to the right audience. Only when that happens are they able to make a living from their work. We bridge the gap by bringing artists to the right audience and ensuring they get a fair share without stress.

The Meaning of a Series

Our major events with top artists mean a lot of fun and value for investors a carefully selected goal to make the world better receives vital funding.


We will give 50% of Uplift.Arts revenue directly into our funding goal to make the world better. The project must have a local component to make it transparent and to make it possible to see the life changing impact your purchase has for real people. We do not conduct the projects ourself but assigning them to trustworthy, reputable partners who aim for impact and not for charity as a business model.


We believe in a triple win for everyone who participates. 25% of the revenue goes directly to the artists who provided the art for your collection. A very fair compensation also helps us to onboard top artists to ensure that our events will bring you new crown jewels for your NFT art portfolio for the best collections. 


25% goes to Uplift.Art on its mission to disrupt the blockchain industry with new ways of bringing digital collectibles to a new level. Our goal is to lead the way to a broad adoption of NFTs in the art sector far beyond what has been considered so far in the crypto space.

  • Is Uplift.Art transparent? Yes, we use the power of blockchain to ensure a transparent triple win situation. We collect WAXP during the sale. The part of revenue we want to give to a partner to produce a specific goal goes directly to his WAX wallet. You can follow every transaction on the blockchain. The same is true for our featured artist. We will also keep you updated about what kind of meaning you have created.
Upliftart Signature

The Journey

This series means a lot for children in Haiti: Every purchase you make will provide badly needed food and education for the poorest:

Uplift Nation Work

Uplift Nation started as a transparent blockchain network of non-profit organizations with a common goal to deliver the tools, education and resources that will help empower communities to become healthy, self-reliant and sustainable.

Problem Solution

Massive amounts of charity fraud uncovered over the last decade, from "trusted" organizations has led to a "fingers crossed, wishful thinking" giving experience that ultimately leads to less philanthropy.

Problem Solution

Uplift Nation changes this. Blockchain establishes transparency through a chain of accountability. Through helping traditional non-profits migrate to Blockchain, we open doors to a new giving experience by establishing a transparent and accountable giving network. 

How it began

UpliftNation.io , a US 501c3, was founded in 2019 by Michael Blu after alongside his wife Francesca returned home from meeting their adopted daughter Island in Haiti. 

Their two weeks in Port A Prince was very revealing as 10 years after the Haiti Tsunami of 2010, the need for transparency and accountability in the charitable space became apparent due to the still ruinous state of the country.
As they pondered exactly what happened to all those billions in supposed donations, the need for assistance utilizing a transparent and accountable model leveraging blockchain and other high technologies seemed promising for the promotion of positive change in the philanthropic and charitable spaces.

Uplift.Art is born

Watching the developments in the blockchain space and how non-fungible tokens (NFTs) will transform whole industries and society itself, it was cleat that there is even more potential. Uplift Nation is the working prototype how to build a transparent charity organization on blockchain. Michael realized quickly that it is not about creating just a more transparent charity organization but to disrupt the way how win-win situations are created and play out to convert a charity project into something that uplifts and supports every party that participates.

Uplift art is now on its way to innovate the blockchain industry further and make the concept ready for one of the first real mass adoption use cases. Some areas Uplift.Art has pioneered so far was selecting WAX as one of the first solutions that can deliver on blockchain technology for average people, thanks to its very non-technical user experience and its fast-free transactions. We also released the first NFT Music Video ever on blockchain, built the first charity art auction, introduced the first pre-minted packs on WAX and developed a whole new set on elaborated burning and engagement mechanics applied to NFTs. And we are just starting.

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