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Let’s Build a School for Children in Haiti!

December 31, 2021 12 PM EST

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Art & Charity on the blockchain

A win-win-win scenario for everyone

Art as digital assets: Regular Events and Airdrops

Doing well while doing good - Support charity!

Create a win-win-win scenario for everyone!

Uplift.Art Portfolio

Collect digital art and build your collector's portfolio

Have fun, hunt for ultra-rare collector pieces, get rare artwork for holding and trade your art with people all over the world with a click. Always secure, genuine and instantly tradable.

Technology that creates a Win-Win-Win for everyone 

Uplift.Art is a platform that empowers philanthropy & goodwill by creating and selling original blockchain certified Art that is then bought, sold, gifted and collected by an ever-growing community that is unified around helping those in need while creating a sustainable win-win-win economy.

Uplift.Art Tripple Win
Uplift Art Charity & Mission

Funds for meaningful charitable projects

UA donates up to 50% of every sold piece of art to meaningful charity projects. Our wonderful "Uplifters" create auctions with up to 88% going directly into meaningful, charitable projects. 

Uplift your art! Get your own art or charitable auctions on the blockchain!

We provide you with the tools to thrive as an artist and with the visibility to start your own charitable auctions! All through the power of NFTs & blockchain.

Uplift Your Art
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How to start


WAX is an easy-to-use cryptocurrency that is the scaling solution for Ethereum and other Blockchains that provide digital collectibles and so called NFTs instant and without transaction fees. Always available, secure, guaranteed genuine & verified.

Just sett up a free WAX Cloud Wallet [CLICK HERE] to log into this sale. You can only pay in WAX for this event. Just smash the “buy button” in your new WAX Cloud Wallet and buy your WAX easy and securely via Credit Card.

Set up a free WAX Cloud Wallet within 30 seconds to store, buy and sell your assets. Just by using your email or a variety of social logins.

Buy WAX using Crypto or conventional money by clicking the "Buy WAX" button in the right sidebar of the cloud wallet.

Buy, transfer or sell your art and collectibles within seconds on any secondary WAX marketplace!

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